Cleerely Stated | Personal and Purposeful Products created to remind others who and whose they are.
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hi, i’m cleere cherry

It is my hope to help others recalibrate, refocus,
and remember who they are in Jesus.

get on


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recently on the blog

  • Gooooooooood Morning!!!🙌🏻 Guess what?! Today, we are CELEBRATING!!! “What are we celebrating?”, you may ask. And in all fairness, that is the usual response. What happened? What is there to celebrate? Waking up. Breathing i...

  • Have you ever found yourself complaining about something and then the revelation hit you–“Wait, this doesn’t have to be my reality”?! It’s empowering, isn’t it?! We can not consistently play the vict...

  • I remember in 3rd grade when my teacher took me aside and sat me down. She got extremely serious and said, “Cleere. You are a leader. It is very obvious to me even though you don’t see that. Remember when you’re makin...