hi, i’m cleere cherry

It is my hope to help others recalibrate, refocus,
and remember who they are in Jesus.

get on


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  • Who told you that you were supposed to be married by 35? Who told you that you should have gotten a raise by now and if not, you’re unsuccessful? Who told you that your unique style isn’t cool enough? Who told you that your...

  • Have you ever noticed how close anticipation and anxiety are?!? Usually, we get anxious about what’s to come, how we are going to handle a situation, an unexpected turn of events, or just uncertainty in general. We feel out of co...

  • Oh man, if you only knew. If I only knew! If we could get this through our tiny little brains– that we, just as we are– are worth it all. When He came and He gave it all, He did it for you. And for me. And He thinks every s...