hi, i’m cleere cherry

It is my hope to help others recalibrate, refocus,
and remember who they are in Jesus.

get on


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  • I had messed up. Again. “How did I miss that?”, I thought. I felt my anxiety start to whirl and self-defeat started it’s soundtrack in my head. And then He said, “Hey, dear one. What if I told you that this is r...

  • Would it? Would it satisfy you? If you had it all– the job, the closet, the family, the relationship, the salary, the small group, the organized plan for your life– would it fulfill those deep places in your heart? Don̵...

  • You know what I think we are really, really good at? Making things WAY more complex than they should be. We worry about the future so we do our best to plan it with the limited information we have at our disposal. We experience a setba...